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Pelagic Size Structure Database (PSSdb)
PSSdb v2023-05

[ There is a newer version available of this dataset. ]

This dataset represents the first release of the Pelagic Size Structure database (PSSdb) scientific project, investigating the global particle size distributions measured from multiple pelagic imaging systems. These devices include the Imaging Flow Cytobot (Olson and Sosik 2007), the ZooScan (Gorsky et al. 2010), and the Underwater Vision Profiler (Picheral et al. 2010). The data sources come from Ecotaxa (, Ecopart (, and Imaging FlowCytobot dashboards ( and

This initial dataset is composed of two products, separated by imaging device:
  • Product 1a includes the normalized biovolume (NB) of plankton and particles within a set of pre-defined size classes, averaged by year and month, and in 1-degree longitude/latitude grid cells.

  • Product 1b includes the results of normalized biovolume size spectra (NBSS) calculations, averaged by year and month, and in 1-degree longitude/latitude grid cells.

The v2023-05 data can be downloaded here:

Note that this is no longer the newest version of the PSSdb.
If you want the newest version, click on this link

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